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One of the most prominent properties in Galway has been part of Edward’s portfolio for over a decade...

An Maolán - Starling

Detached4 Beds131 sq.m / 1410 sq.ft.This is an excellent 4 bed detached home with a large living roo...

An Maolán - Kingfisher

Detached4 Beds189 sq.m / 2047 sq.ft.The Kingfisher is a very spacious 4 bed detached with a show-sto...

An Maolán - Goldfinch

Semi-detached4 Beds131 sq.m / 1410 sq.ftThis is spacious 4 bed semi-detached with a living room to t...

An Maolán - Sparrow

Semi-detached4 Beds118 sq.m / 1271 sq.ft.The Sparrow is a lovely semi-detached with 4 bedrooms, main...

An Maolán - Wagtail

Detached4 Beds172 sq.m / 1853 sq.ft.The Wagtail is a spacious 4 bed detached featuring a large, priv...