About The Housebuild Story

Housebuild is the complete construction platform on web and mobile for all.

Housebuild.ie (Building Compliance Ltd) is a new platform which is the one place for you to go to for your inspiration, design and construction know how for both the individuals and companies.

Consumers can browse inspiration, interiors, professionals and finishes that suit their taste.

Professionals in construction can view building regulations, buy building materials and advertise their business on the websites and apps.
The content will be the most comprehensive guide for any home improvements, renovations, or new build available to the mass market.

Housebuild provide all professionals and persons in construction/house finishings with :
  • The design information they need to construct a house 
  • Products they need to build a house
  • A way to market your work to your audience
  • A market to sell your products

Housebuild will provide anybody interested in renovations, decorating extensions with:
  • The inspiration they need to make their dreams come 
  • The professionals to design their dream. 
  • The furniture to fit out their house 

For Suppliers/Partners

Housebuild provides you with direct access to your target market. Supplier can show your products under areas being searched and also on detailed design drawings and in the marketplace.

Housebuild provides you with a platform that directly influences the key  decision makers in the construction market which will in turn increase sales in the house building sector and profitability.